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boblark 465672a46c Corrected long-dash parameter data type. 5 months ago
boblark 2118306ed9 Added radioCWTransmit_F32 5 months ago
boblark 803574a6c3 Added functions to DesignTool/ModulateBFSK 6 months ago
boblark f5d1c01a58 Add Voice Clipper class 7 months ago
boblark ca5786262c Add AudioMathConstant_F32 7 months ago
boblark 8e1bccfca5 Major addition of functions from J. Oakley per I16 library. Thanks! 7 months ago
boblark 15d54e0db2 Corrected class names for math & delay 7 months ago
boblark 236f52e610 Add radioCESSBtransmit_F32 8 months ago
boblark fd31e3974e Add CESSB 8 months ago
boblark 6d9f907830 catch version of zip to index.html 9 months ago
boblark 2e7df3af34 Corrected FT8 class names 11 months ago
boblark b4159d5cca Added 4.x needs for FT8 receive 11 months ago
boblark bf1cfa561a Add radioDemodulator_F32 and associated examples 11 months ago
boblark 2863d1f240 Add new radioFT8Modulator_F32 1 year ago
boblark da88765282 New functionality for BFSK 1 year ago
boblark aa9f447338 Include Spectral DeNoise 1 year ago
boblark aea7d22703 Corrrected references to f32 and F32 1 year ago
boblark 203e9e5125 Updated DesignTool_F32 to allow stan alone operation 1 year ago
boblark 3d09faeba5 @boblark 1 year ago
boblark 51d969603a Clarified wording. 1 year ago
boblark b4e76fa8cb Added ZIP version of Design Tool F32 for non-internet connection operation. 1 year ago
boblark f50a9da73f Work in progress, this is closer. 1 year ago
boblark 241280fafc Moved stand alone Design tool to gui directory 1 year ago