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boblark 465672a46c Corrected long-dash parameter data type. 5 months ago
boblark 803574a6c3 Added functions to DesignTool/ModulateBFSK 6 months ago
boblark f5d1c01a58 Add Voice Clipper class 7 months ago
boblark ca5786262c Add AudioMathConstant_F32 7 months ago
boblark 8e1bccfca5 Major addition of functions from J. Oakley per I16 library. Thanks! 7 months ago
boblark 15d54e0db2 Corrected class names for math & delay 7 months ago
boblark 55c8d8082c Add radioCESSB_Z_transmit_F32 8 months ago
boblark fd31e3974e Add CESSB 8 months ago
boblark 59acb746ae Minor corrections for playing WAV files from SD cards 9 months ago
boblark 2e7df3af34 Corrected FT8 class names 11 months ago
boblark b4159d5cca Added 4.x needs for FT8 receive 11 months ago
boblark bf1cfa561a Add radioDemodulator_F32 and associated examples 11 months ago
boblark 2863d1f240 Add new radioFT8Modulator_F32 1 year ago
boblark da88765282 New functionality for BFSK 1 year ago
boblark aea7d22703 Corrrected references to f32 and F32 1 year ago
boblark 1ad067459b Corrected Biquad filter functions and added 24 and 32 bit note to I2S. 1 year ago
Graham Whaley 762df65cad spectral: Add SpectralNoise to the GUI tool 1 year ago
boblark b4e76fa8cb Added ZIP version of Design Tool F32 for non-internet connection operation. 1 year ago
boblark 241280fafc Moved stand alone Design tool to gui directory 1 year ago
boblark 692f896de0 Added ZIPed Design Tool for local file use 1 year ago
boblark 40feb72c48 Got correct main.js 1 year ago
boblark 59f7a7bfb1 Removed old saved index.html 1 year ago
boblark 50543d1563 Removed redundant Design Tool files 1 year ago
boblark a35712c8ab Brought Design Tool back to github 1 year ago
Chip Audette 5a43e34b15 GUI: update picture of Tympan 7 years ago
Chip Audette 0a9a4d9e2a GUI: update for queues and white and pink noise 7 years ago
Chip Audette 95e19e6f98 GUI: more tweaks to exported code 7 years ago
Chip Audette 73d72b2731 GUI: add another line feed 7 years ago
Chip Audette 0ac8f28236 GUI: add line feed 7 years ago
Chip Audette 4bd5165e57 GUI: add setup(), loop() to export. tweak wndow size. 7 years ago
Chip Audette 837d347f6d GUI: js mods to export AudioConnection_F32 and include OpenAudio library 7 years ago
Chip Audette 9755f6cbdc GUI: add docs for 3206 7 years ago
Chip Audette 342b42aa10 GUI: begin adding per-node HTML docs 7 years ago
Chip Audette 44057d28ea Adding GUI to docs 7 years ago