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midilab b35ba50dc1 prepare for release, beta test, and missing features to implement 2 months ago
midilab 4a18e877ce prepare 1.5.1 release: programmable shuffle support 3 months ago
midilab 78a503a629 enhance esp32 usage by hidding concurrency handle implementation using freertos task 6 months ago
midilab a7242ec375 roll 1.4.1 as platformio support add 9 months ago
midilab a96b35a831 added support 9 months ago
midilab 152943f514 added experimental support for stm32 boards using Hal library. organize platform independent code into a folder for easy time new ports and mantainance 10 months ago
midilab 9fa22a3210 initial beta support for esp32... 1 year ago
midilab 6aea91f880 update general project metadata 1 year ago
midilab fc050434c2 fix inverted led on/off on xiao usbmidi example 2 years ago
midilab 731bb41f49 change notes 2 years ago
midilab 197edd7888 added samd as arch on for xiao m0 support 2 years ago
midilab e57cc8d89b update library file 2 years ago
midilab 82c13c4e21 add config option to define a timer to make use on avr boards. timer0, timer1 and timer2. default to timer1 2 years ago
midilab ebcae69b87 getTempo() fix for slave sync when receiving stop byte 3 years ago
midilab ed2dcef683 remove last feature - different resolutions. Added setSlaveDrift for slave clock. update and test examples. code revised 3 years ago
midilab 3473865002 uclock 0.10.0. added high resolution clock for teensy power. lower examples midi read interrupt to 250 microseconds 3 years ago
midilab c71e55615c added clock decimal precision(128.5bpm). added a buffer for average interval tick reading on getTempo() to smooth slave tempo retrive. Revised Teensy USB midi clock monitor 3 years ago
midilab e58980ad3c releasing 0.9.2 3 years ago
midilab f7e2accd8d added support for teensy 2.x avr series. revise interruptions variable access and volatilize those in needed of it. 3 years ago
midilab 1c74658a9a
Teensy support 3 years ago
midilab ed4755e5bd release 0.8.1. clock tunnings for better PC/Ableton sync 4 years ago
midilab d11f692936 Arduino >= 1.5 library style support 6 years ago