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midilab 7ae223888b fix shuffle edge case for -5 ticks 1 week ago
midilab c9bb9c4d9f fix shuffle edge case for +5 tick 1 week ago
midilab 8711844a02 shuffle template size calculus inside method for cleaner use of API 1 week ago
midilab da3e5d69a6 auto init as false shuffle 1 week ago
midilab 6f0863f247 initial support for shuffle with early and late tick setup on 16PPQN calls 1 week ago
midilab a89d0e70b9
Merge pull request #26 from Jackson-Devices/avr-patch 3 weeks ago
Jackson-Devices 633b5f8520
Update TeensyUsbSlaveMidiClockMonitor.ino 3 weeks ago
Jackson-Devices 865f04864b
Update LeonardoUsbSlaveMidiClockMonitor.ino 3 weeks ago
Jackson-Devices ad75ec755e
Delete examples/AVRUartSlaveMidiClock directory 3 weeks ago
Jackson-Devices 33cdcfa114
Create AVRUartSlaveMidiClockMonitor.ino 3 weeks ago
Jackson-Devices 41424e246a
Update TeensyUsbMasterMidiClock.ino 3 weeks ago
Jackson-Devices 7156d8a55b
Update TeensyUsbSlaveMidiClock.ino 3 weeks ago
Jackson-Devices 57ac22ece6
Update TeensyUsbSlaveMidiClockMonitor.ino 3 weeks ago
Jackson-Devices 67b4f0c73c
Update TeensyUsbSlaveMidiClockMonitor.ino 3 weeks ago
Jackson-Devices 3ccc0632c3
Update LeonardoUsbSlaveMidiClockMonitor.ino 3 weeks ago
Jackson-Devices ccb826eb04
Create AVRUartSlaveMidiClock.ino 3 weeks ago
midilab 344ce3803a esp32: init task before timer 4 weeks ago
midilab 0a622830b3 esp32: change semaphore per task notification implementation for low latency response between clock signal and task action 4 weeks ago
midilab 78a503a629 enhance esp32 usage by hidding concurrency handle implementation using freertos task 4 weeks ago
midilab 9c08252ac3 esp32 EDGE timer interrupt not supported! removing. 4 weeks ago
midilab 60f06ceb8e
Update 4 months ago
midilab 81d1b01fc7 applying code guidelines for identation 4 months ago
midilab 5519fd1e4f add atmelsam platform for Xiao M0 support on PlatformIO 4 months ago
midilab a7242ec375 roll 1.4.1 as platformio support add 5 months ago
midilab 989e631ed7 fix platformio library metadata for platforms and frameworks supported 5 months ago
midilab a96b35a831 added support 5 months ago
midilab ea8ef07e5b
Merge pull request #24 from midilab/stm32xx-support 5 months ago
midilab ff9c6a93fa fix missing name.c for usb-midi definitions on teensy arm platforms 5 months ago
midilab 69b9467cc1 comment notes updates 5 months ago
midilab 9b7abae36b
Merge pull request #22 from Jackson-Devices/patch-1 5 months ago
Jackson-Devices a15a070128
Update STM32UartMasterMidiClock.ino 5 months ago
midilab 8904afff61 change implmementation from HAL to SMT32Duino official examples for timer usage 5 months ago
midilab 841a6ee68d implmemtation review 5 months ago
midilab 3a1e52589e fix missing AVR platform include 5 months ago
midilab 152943f514 added experimental support for stm32 boards using Hal library. organize platform independent code into a folder for easy time new ports and mantainance 5 months ago
midilab b00083014a mux setup for esp32 9 months ago
midilab 08e62bd0be experimental support for esp32 9 months ago
midilab a4dc3fbbda
Merge pull request #19 from midilab/esp32-support 9 months ago
midilab 793a74ce79 change esp32 example to avoid freezes over serial usage on isr 9 months ago
midilab 66e40ff420 testing serial uart for midi 9 months ago
midilab 9fa22a3210 initial beta support for esp32... 9 months ago
midilab 64667b865e update general project metadata 12 months ago
midilab 6aea91f880 update general project metadata 12 months ago
midilab 4053789831 update project details 12 months ago
midilab 45bf1eaed1 force the use of defined object TimerTcc0 to avoid problems with xiao mcu 12 months ago
midilab c897802fb3 change example printBPM function call per a String() call 1 year ago
midilab a6a3cae0e2 example fix buffer size for midi monitor 1 year ago
midilab 4d97a1003d add external buffer calculus reset and examples printBpm updated 1 year ago
midilab d8723b0df4 add a guard on getTempo to avoid slave calculations before buffer gets full 1 year ago
midilab c2b63d362d fixes for examples on print bpm slave time 1 year ago