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* AudioStream_F32
* Created: Chip Audette, November 2016
* Purpose; Extend the Teensy Audio Library's "AudioStream" to permit floating-point audio data.
* I modeled it directly on the Teensy code in "AudioStream.h" and "AudioStream.cpp", which are
* available here:
* Added id to audio_block_f32_t class, per Tympan. Bob Larkin June 2020
* MIT License. use at your own risk.
#ifndef _AudioStream_F32_h
#define _AudioStream_F32_h
#include <arm_math.h> //ARM DSP extensions. for speed!
#include <Audio.h> //Teensy Audio Library
#include "AudioSettings_F32.h"
// /////////////// class prototypes
class AudioStream_F32;
class AudioConnection_F32;
// ///////////// class definitions
//create a new structure to hold audio as floating point values.
//modeled on the existing teensy audio block struct, which uses Int16
// Added id, per Tympan. Should not disturb existing programs. Bob Larkin June 2020
class audio_block_f32_t {
audio_block_f32_t(void) {};
audio_block_f32_t(const AudioSettings_F32 &settings) {
fs_Hz = settings.sample_rate_Hz;
length = settings.audio_block_samples;
unsigned char ref_count;
unsigned char memory_pool_index;
unsigned char reserved1;
unsigned char reserved2;
float32_t data[AUDIO_BLOCK_SAMPLES]; // AUDIO_BLOCK_SAMPLES is 128, from AudioStream.h
const int full_length = AUDIO_BLOCK_SAMPLES;
int length = AUDIO_BLOCK_SAMPLES; // AUDIO_BLOCK_SAMPLES is 128, from AudioStream.h
float fs_Hz = AUDIO_SAMPLE_RATE; // AUDIO_SAMPLE_RATE is 44117.64706 from AudioStream.h
unsigned long id;
class AudioConnection_F32
AudioConnection_F32(AudioStream_F32 &source, AudioStream_F32 &destination) :
src(source), dst(destination), src_index(0), dest_index(0),
{ connect(); }
AudioConnection_F32(AudioStream_F32 &source, unsigned char sourceOutput,
AudioStream_F32 &destination, unsigned char destinationInput) :
src(source), dst(destination),
src_index(sourceOutput), dest_index(destinationInput),
{ connect(); }
friend class AudioStream_F32;
void connect(void);
AudioStream_F32 &src;
AudioStream_F32 &dst;
unsigned char src_index;
unsigned char dest_index;
AudioConnection_F32 *next_dest;
class AudioStream_F32 : public AudioStream {
AudioStream_F32(unsigned char n_input_f32, audio_block_f32_t **iqueue) : AudioStream(1, inputQueueArray_i16),
num_inputs_f32(n_input_f32), inputQueue_f32(iqueue) {
//active_f32 = false;
destination_list_f32 = NULL;
for (int i=0; i < n_input_f32; i++) {
inputQueue_f32[i] = NULL;
static void initialize_f32_memory(audio_block_f32_t *data, unsigned int num);
static void initialize_f32_memory(audio_block_f32_t *data, unsigned int num, const AudioSettings_F32 &settings);
//virtual void update(audio_block_f32_t *) = 0;
static uint8_t f32_memory_used;
static uint8_t f32_memory_used_max;
static audio_block_f32_t * allocate_f32(void);
static void release(audio_block_f32_t * block);
//bool active_f32;
unsigned char num_inputs_f32;
void transmit(audio_block_f32_t *block, unsigned char index = 0);
audio_block_f32_t * receiveReadOnly_f32(unsigned int index = 0);
audio_block_f32_t * receiveWritable_f32(unsigned int index = 0);
friend class AudioConnection_F32;
AudioConnection_F32 *destination_list_f32;
audio_block_f32_t **inputQueue_f32;
virtual void update(void) = 0;
audio_block_t *inputQueueArray_i16[1]; //two for stereo
static audio_block_f32_t *f32_memory_pool;
static uint32_t f32_memory_pool_available_mask[6];
#define AudioMemory_F32(num) ({ \
static audio_block_f32_t data_f32[num]; \
AudioStream_F32::initialize_f32_memory(data_f32, num); \
void AudioMemory_F32(const int num);
void AudioMemory_F32(const int num, const AudioSettings_F32 &settings);
#define AudioMemory_F32_wSettings(num,settings) (AudioMemory_F32(num,settings)) //for historical compatibility
#define AudioMemoryUsage_F32() (AudioStream_F32::f32_memory_used)
#define AudioMemoryUsageMax_F32() (AudioStream_F32::f32_memory_used_max)
#define AudioMemoryUsageMaxReset_F32() (AudioStream_F32::f32_memory_used_max = AudioStream_F32::f32_memory_used)