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* AudioMathOffset_F32
* Created: Chip Audette, Open Audio, June 2018
* Purpose: Add a constant DC value to all audio samples
* Assumes floating-point data.
* This processes a single stream fo audio data (ie, it is mono)
* MIT License. use at your own risk.
#ifndef AudioMathOffset_F32_H
#define AudioMathOffset_F32_H
#include <arm_math.h>
#include "AudioStream_F32.h"
class AudioMathOffset_F32 : public AudioStream_F32
//GUI: inputs:1, outputs:1 //this line used for automatic generation of GUI node
AudioMathOffset_F32(void) : AudioStream_F32(1, inputQueueArray_f32) {};
AudioMathOffset_F32(const AudioSettings_F32 &settings) : AudioStream_F32(1, inputQueueArray_f32) {};
void update(void);
float setOffset(float _offset) { return offset = _offset;}
float getOffset(void) { return offset; }
audio_block_f32_t *inputQueueArray_f32[1];
float32_t offset = 0.0f;