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* AudioFilterBiquad_F32.cpp
* Chip Audette, OpenAudio, Apr 2017
* MIT License, Use at your own risk.
* This filter has been running in F32 as a single stage. This
* would work by using multiple instantations, but compute time and
* latency suffer. So, Feb 2021 convert to MAX_STAGES 4 as is the I16
* Teensy Audio library. Bob Larkin
* See AudioFilterBiquad_F32.h for more notes.
#include "AudioFilterBiquad_F32.h"
void AudioFilterBiquad_F32::update(void) {
audio_block_f32_t *block;
block = AudioStream_F32::receiveWritable_f32();
if (!block) return; // Out of memory
if(doBiquad) // Filter is defined, so go to it
arm_biquad_cascade_df1_f32(&iir_inst, block->data,
block->data, block->length);
// Transmit the data, filtered or unfiltered