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* AudioEffectFreqShiftFD_F32
* Created: Chip Audette, Aug 2019
* Purpose: Shift the frequency content of the audio up or down. Performed in the frequency domain
* This processes a single stream of audio data (ie, it is mono)
* MIT License. use at your own risk.
#ifndef _AudioEffectFreqShiftFD_OA_F32_h
#define _AudioEffectFreqShiftFD_OA_F32_h
#include "AudioStream_F32.h"
#include <arm_math.h>
#include "FFT_Overlapped_OA_F32.h"
#include <Arduino.h>
class AudioEffectFreqShiftFD_OA_F32 : public AudioStream_F32
//GUI: inputs:1, outputs:1 //this line used for automatic generation of GUI node
//GUI: shortName:freq_shift
//constructors...a few different options. The usual one should be: AudioEffectFreqShiftFD_F32(const AudioSettings_F32 &settings, const int _N_FFT)
AudioEffectFreqShiftFD_OA_F32(void) : AudioStream_F32(1, inputQueueArray_f32) {};
AudioEffectFreqShiftFD_OA_F32(const AudioSettings_F32 &settings) :
AudioStream_F32(1, inputQueueArray_f32) {
sample_rate_Hz = settings.sample_rate_Hz;
AudioEffectFreqShiftFD_OA_F32(const AudioSettings_F32 &settings, const int _N_FFT) :
AudioStream_F32(1, inputQueueArray_f32) {
setup(settings, _N_FFT);
//destructor...release all of the memory that has been allocated
~AudioEffectFreqShiftFD_OA_F32(void) {
if (complex_2N_buffer != NULL) delete complex_2N_buffer;
int setup(const AudioSettings_F32 &settings, const int _N_FFT) {
sample_rate_Hz = settings.sample_rate_Hz;
//setup the FFT and IFFT. If they return a negative FFT, it wasn't an allowed FFT size.
N_FFT = myFFT.setup(settings, _N_FFT); //hopefully, we got the same N_FFT that we asked for
if (N_FFT < 1) return N_FFT;
N_FFT = myIFFT.setup(settings, _N_FFT); //hopefully, we got the same N_FFT that we asked for
if (N_FFT < 1) return N_FFT;
//decide windowing
//Serial.println("AudioEffectFreqShiftFD_F32: setting myFFT to use hanning...");
(myFFT.getFFTObject())->useHanningWindow(); //applied prior to FFT
#if 1
if (myIFFT.getNBuffBlocks() > 3) {
Serial.println("AudioEffectFormantShiftFD_F32: setting myIFFT to use hanning...");
(myIFFT.getIFFTObject())->useHanningWindow(); //window again after IFFT
//decide how much overlap is happening
switch (myIFFT.getNBuffBlocks()) {
case 0:
//should never happen
case 1:
overlap_amount = NONE;
case 2:
overlap_amount = HALF;
case 3:
//to do...need to add phase shifting logic to the update() function to support this case
case 4:
overlap_amount = THREE_QUARTERS;
//to do...need to add phase shifting logic to the update() function to support this case
#if 0
//print info about setup
Serial.println("AudioEffectFreqShiftFD_F32: FFT parameters...");
Serial.print(" : N_FFT = "); Serial.println(N_FFT);
Serial.print(" : audio_block_samples = "); Serial.println(settings.audio_block_samples);
Serial.print(" : FFT N_BUFF_BLOCKS = "); Serial.println(myFFT.getNBuffBlocks());
Serial.print(" : IFFT N_BUFF_BLOCKS = "); Serial.println(myIFFT.getNBuffBlocks());
Serial.print(" : FFT use window = "); Serial.println(myFFT.getFFTObject()->get_flagUseWindow());
Serial.print(" : IFFT use window = "); Serial.println((myIFFT.getIFFTObject())->get_flagUseWindow());
//allocate memory to hold frequency domain data
complex_2N_buffer = new float32_t[2 * N_FFT];
//we're done. return!
enabled = 1;
return N_FFT;
int setShift_bins(int _shift_bins) {
return shift_bins = _shift_bins;
int getShift_bins(void) {
return shift_bins;
float getShift_Hz(void) {
return getFrequencyOfBin(shift_bins);
float getFrequencyOfBin(int bin) { //"bin" should be zero to (N_FFT-1)
return sample_rate_Hz * ((float)bin) / ((float) N_FFT);
virtual void update(void);
bool enable(bool state = true) { enabled = state; return enabled;}
int enabled = 0;
float32_t *complex_2N_buffer;
audio_block_f32_t *inputQueueArray_f32[1];
FFT_Overlapped_OA_F32 myFFT;
IFFT_Overlapped_OA_F32 myIFFT;
float sample_rate_Hz = AUDIO_SAMPLE_RATE;
int N_FFT = -1;
int overlap_amount = NONE;
int overlap_block_counter = 0;
int shift_bins = 0; //how much to shift the frequency