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* AudioEffectEmpty_F32
* Created: Chip Audette, Feb 2017
* Purpose: This module does nothing. It is an empty algorithm that can one
* can build from to make their own algorithm
* This processes a single stream fo audio data (ie, it is mono)
* MIT License. use at your own risk.
#ifndef _AudioEffectEmpty_F32_h
#define _AudioEffectEmpty_F32_h
#include <arm_math.h> //ARM DSP extensions. for speed!
#include <AudioStream_F32.h>
class AudioEffectEmpty_F32 : public AudioStream_F32
//GUI: inputs:1, outputs:1 //this line used for automatic generation of GUI node
//GUI: shortName:empty
AudioEffectEmpty_F32(void) : AudioStream_F32(1, inputQueueArray_f32) {};
AudioEffectEmpty_F32(const AudioSettings_F32 &settings) : AudioStream_F32(1, inputQueueArray_f32) {};
//here's the method that does all the work
void update(void) {
//Serial.println("AudioEffectEmpty_F32: updating."); //for debugging.
audio_block_f32_t *block;
block = AudioStream_F32::receiveWritable_f32();
if (!block) return;
//add your processing here!
//transmit the block and be done
audio_block_f32_t *inputQueueArray_f32[1]; //memory pointer for the input to this module